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Comprehensive Marketing Support

In a world where the global business environment is drastically changing, it is essential to have marketing know-how that considers the right target, value, and how to provide it. Simultaneously, it is also necessary to shorten the marketing cycle and respond to changes quickly and flexibly. Through a base founded in strong partnerships, we use various digital tools to help our clients gain new value throughout the PDCA cycle.

Whether it is for overseas companies looking to enter the Japanese market, or Japanese companies looking at overseas expansion, or the inbound tourism market, we offer solutions that have been time-tested for over five years.

Services and Costs

Marketing and Consulting: From $2,500 per month (yearly or custom contract basis)


Public Relations Support

We provide year-round support for Public Relations activities that form the basis of connecting companies with society. While communication methods have changed with the spread of social media, the importance of having a function of Public Relations as the basis of your activities has not. We focus on using a PDCA cycle for continuous communications activities with an emphasis on third-party dissemination through good media relations.

We have extensive public relations experience and achievements in working with global businesses looking to enter the Japanese market and can respond flexibly to your needs no matter your business stage or budget. If your Japanese subsidiary or branch office lacks a PR department, we can serve as your PR Representative.

Services and Costs

Public Relations Consulting: From $2,500 per month (yearly or custom contract basis)


Data Platform Creation

Bluemoon Marketing works with Syno Japan, a global survey platform company that optimizes the ROI of marketing activities through the collecting zero-party data, global market research surveys, and CX/EX questionnaires. By building a data platform, we can link the data collected to comprehensive marketing support, including communication-focused Public Relations activities.

Services and Costs

Data Platform Creation: Quotation Base


Qualitative and Quantitative Survey Support

For the construction of an effective marketing strategy, the continuous collection of customer and consumer voices, along with behavioral data, is essential. In particular, external surveys are effective for targeting new audiences that you might not have internal data for. We use a compelling mix of quantitative online surveys and qualitative desk research, and group interviews for gaining clues into how to solve customer problems.

Besides, for those looking to enter the Japanese market from abroad, we offer a wide range of domestic surveys, including market research surveys, environmental studies, industry research, and customer research.

Services and Costs

Japan Domestic Marketing Research Surveys (Quantitative and Qualitative): From $3,000 per project (depending on scale and content)


System Creation and Promotion Support

If you don’t create the ‘right team and system’ for receiving inquiries before attracting customers, your efforts will likely fail. Furthermore, it is essential to link long-term Public Relations activities with short-term, action-focused promotional activities. By connecting both, we can realize an Integrated Marketing Communications strategy.

When entering the Japanese market, we can help companies create localized (and not just translated) websites and landing pages and create web promotions.

Also, we offer one-stop support to our customers by collaborating with reliable partners who have proven track records in their respective fields, including advertising, event promotion, and production, regardless of whether it is analog or digital.

Services and Costs
  • Multilingual website creation: From $5,000 per project
  • Multilingual landing page (LP) creation: From $3,000 per project
  • Advertising (Pure Advertising / Advertorials): Quotation Base
  • Digital Advertising (Display / SNS): Quotation Base
  • Events (Sponsored / External Exhibitions): Quotation Base
  • Other Various (Videos / Giveaways): Quotation Base