Bridging Travel, IT, and Marketing
through Communication

Whether it’s between companies and society or Japan and the world, our mission is to make connections through better communication–partnering with our clients to create new value as they strive towards their next stage.

About Bluemoon

Bluemoon’s Five Strengths

Covering both the Analog and Digital Worlds

We provide barrier-free analog and digital solutions through data and communication.

Bridging Japan and the World

Whether for Japanese companies or global ones, B2B or B2C, we have a wide range of achievements.

Customer-focused Support

Rather than looking at the short term result, we consider the customer’s long-term business and marketing strategies.

Digitalization and IT Knowhow

In addition to using a wide range of technologies in-house, we also collaborate with external IT partners as needed to maximize customer returns.

A Highly-Qualified, Passionate Team

Our team, with field experience in travel & tourism and technology industries, works passionately with customers to achieve results.

About Bluemoon

About Bluemoon

Bluemoon Marketing centered on ‘Data and Communication.’ Whether through direct links to management and through marketing activities that help build an organization’s structure and foundation, Bluemoon Marketing’s seamless support, centered on our guiding principles of data and communication, ensure that our services are free of any analog or digital barriers.

However, having a function of Public Relations as the foundation of all marketing activities will not change. Supporting Public Relations as our core services, we strategically connect all contact points between our clients and their customers, including advertising and promotional activities, thus creating an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC).

In the field of communications, we place our highest priority on public relations–work that connects companies and organizations to society. In particular, with the spread of social media, communication methods have changed drastically.

Our Service

Our Services

Market Analysis
Listen and observe the market
Strategic Planning
Act, Stage 1
Build the business model /foundation
Act, Stage 2
Inform and Attract a wide-range of customers
Verify results and improve
Repeat for success

Comprehensive Marketing Support

In a world where the global business environment is drastically changing, it is essential to have marketing know-how that considers the right target, value, and how to provide it. Simultaneously, it is also necessary to shorten the marketing…


Qualitative and Quantitative Survey Support

For the construction of an effective marketing strategy, the continuous collection of customer and consumer voices, along with behavioral data, is essential. In particular, external surveys are effective for targeting new audiences…


Public Relations Support

We provide year-round support for Public Relations activities that form the basis of connecting companies with society. While communication methods have changed with the spread of social media, the importance of having…


System Creation and Promotion Support

If you don’t create the ‘right team and system’ for receiving inquiries before attracting customers, your efforts will likely fail. Furthermore, it is essential to link long-term Public Relations activities with short-term, action-focused promotional activities…


Data Platform Creation

Bluemoon Marketing works with Syno Japan, a global survey platform company that optimizes the ROI of marketing activities through the collecting zero-party data, global market research surveys, and CX/EX questionnaires…

Company Profile

Company Profile


To connect Japan to the world, and people to the society through communication.


To be a partner that creates new value with clients for the area of Travel, IT, and Marketing. Bluemoon Marketing Inc. offers various marketing services to clients based on ‘Research (Data) and Public Relations. We put special focus on the clients’ perspective, flexibility, and building long-lasting trust.

Company Name

Bluemoon Marketing Inc.


July 7th, 2010


JPY 6,500,000


3-20-1-5F, Minami-azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047, JAPAN

Founder and CEO
Ayako NODA ( Linkedin)
URL (Operating Company)

Case Study

Case Studies

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