EYExplore gives unique insights into true Japanese culture through photography adventures beyond the clichés

Japan’s market-leading photo adventure producer, EYExplore, recently added several new workshops to its ample portfolio. Its workshops capture both traditional and unusual settings catering for participants’ varying levels of interest and skill.



Tokyo, Wednesday 10th October, 2018 — Only few travellers to Japan manage to get insights into true Japanese culture and heritage. EYExplore (https://www.eyexplore.com/), Japan’s leader in professional photo adventures has made it its mission and trademark to take customers well beyond the touristy activities and places and instead creates unique and memorable experiences for them.

In line with their individual level and goals workshop participants in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto will learn new skills and techniques around camera settings and photographic composition. At the same time they receive real insights into intriguing and sometimes obscure parts of Japanese culture.

Our objective is to create photo adventure workshops that challenge the conventional touristy approach”, states Axel Deroubaix, Managing Director and Co-Founder of EYExplore Inc. “We want travellers to be able to obtain comprehensive urban photographic experiences in a short-form format which allows us to craft specific and tailored experiences for any photographic level of the participants. We are the only company doing this in Japan on a significant scale.”

One of EYExplore’s flagship workshops, “Behind the mask”, is run in collaboration with a genuine geisha. Participants are not only able to learn how to take amazing pictures in a traditional setting in Kyoto, but, with the help of a translator, are also let in to learn about the model and her life which is important to be able to create a photographic story. Despite the fact that geisha culture is slowly disappearing, workshop participants are able to join an extraordinary immersive learning experience which would otherwise be impossible to gain.

Recently EYExplore launched a range of new workshops to create entirely new photo opportunities. “Kawasaki Factory Urbex” just launched this month taking participants on an urban exploration adventure into unexpected places inside an industrial zone. It focuses on what tourists would not normally see, but for a photography connoisseur it might be a once in a lifetime opportunity.


In that respect the new workshop shares similarities with “Tokyo Vertigo” as both are about going into bizarre places to capture photographs that tell a story that is gritty and dark. “Tokyo Vertigo”, is one of EYExplore’s most successful workshops where participants are able to explore the city from its roof tops, something a traveller or tourist would not be able to do alone. The workshop has recently been covered by popular YouTube channels “Tokyo Lens”  and “Currently Hannah” . Other recently launched workshops include Kyoto Zen Temples, Geisha Studio, and even a workshop with visiting street photography master Siegfried Hansen, while more new workshops are currently in the making.

“Our workshops are driven by our respect for Japanese culture and our love of photography as a medium for expression and exploration”, says Lukasz Palka, Creative Director and Co-Founder of EYExplore Inc. “They are geared to show participants new and maybe surprising sides of Japanese culture through photography and to coach them and boost their photographic skills.

For example, “Inari After Dusk” brings a very fresh approach for exploring a traditional space like the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto. The workshop starts after the sun goes down when all tourists have gone. Using lights and candles we create a surreal lightscape within the shrine and along the many torii-lined paths adding a slightly spooky and exciting feel to the workshop.”

Of course EYExplore’s photo adventure workshops also include some less daring concepts, but all of them take participants to fascinating locations off the beaten path allowing them to fully appreciate the surroundings away from the touristy hustle.

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About EYExplore

EYExplore Inc runs photographic workshops in Japan’s major tourism hubs – Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto – through its team of highly skilled local photography experts who provide guidance, coaching, and mentorship to travelers of all photographic levels and goals. EYExplore takes their customers on adventures of exploration and learning through photography. Their team members bring in a deep knowledge of the destination cities knowing not only the places, but the stories, narratives, and adventures to be had therein. Since its inception 2014 EYExplore Inc. has provided more than 1200 photo adventure workshops to over 2000 customers. Since 2015 the company has been holding the Tripadvisor and Viator Certificate of Excellence based on the very positive customer ratings.

More information about EYExplore is available at https://www.eyexplore.com/



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