[Press Release] JSTO launches SNS Photo Contest “Japan Shopping Festival Winter 2020”

The Japan Shopping Tourism Organization (JSTO) is launching a special social media photo competition to engage with international tourists, currently unable to visit Japan, and reward sharing some of their best photo memories. The contest will run from December 1st, 2020 until February 28th, 2021. Entrants to the competition get a chance to win some amazing prizes including a JCB gift card worth 200,000JPY (ca. 2,000USD) as part of a shopping trip using a private car and accompanied by the popular personal shopper and stylist Makiko Shimotori.

Tokyo, Dec 2nd 2020 —— The “Japan Shopping Festival” (https://jsf.japanshopping.org/), held for the 13th year by Japan Shopping Tourism Organization (JSTO), is the largest shopping event for foreign visitors to Japan. Every year more than 500 shops nationwide are participating. In previous years cooperating outlets visibly displayed posters featuring “Hello Kitty”, welcoming international travelers, and distributed small gifts or discount coupons with JSTO promotions. As it is difficult to receive international travelers this year the Japan Shopping Festival social media photo contest wants to enable them to join the festival and win some fantastic prizes.

The photo contest will be taking place on Instagram, Weibo(微博) and Dianping(大衆点評). Participants only need to post some of their preferred pictures related to their shopping experience in Japan, e.g. showing their favorite Japanese products or locations visited in Japan, using either of the beforementioned social media platforms. The lucky winner of the 1st prize will be able to enjoy an unforgettable shopping experience. In addition to being given a JCB gift card worth 200,000 yen (ca. 2,000USD) and riding in a special private car, the winner will be joined by one of Japan’s most famous personal shoppers and stylists, Makiko Shimotori, who will provide expert advice and support. Other prizes include Premium Japanese Sake, a handbag and paulownia wood Smartphone ECO speakers and more.

■How to participate: Instagram, Weibo(微博) and Dianping(大衆点評)

1. Follow “@japanshoppingfestival” on Instagram and “日本购物旅游协会” on Weibo(微博) and Dianping(大衆点評)

2. Post photos related to your shopping experience in Japan, your favorite Japanese products or your trip to Japan on your own SNS account hashtagged “#2020jsf” on Instagram, “#2020jsf# ”  on Weibo(微博), and “#日本购物攻略” on Dianping(大衆点評)


1st December 2020 – 28th February 2021

For more details, please visit the website https://jsf.japanshopping.org/

■Introducing the prizes:

-1st prize

Special shopping spree and with a JCB gift card (worth 200,000 yen) and aided by one of Japan’s top personal shoppers and stylists using a private vehicle.

The popular personal stylist, Makiko Shimotori accompanies and advises you as you shop, helping to select outfits that will suit you. Ms Shimotori who is sought after by foreign celebrities, regularly appears on a wide range of media, including book publications in Japan and Taiwan.

*to be presented upon arrival in Japan

Outstanding Performance Awards

Yamagata’s premium sake “Kurando Hizoh Shizukutori Junmai Daiginjo” (Kotobuki Toraya Shuzo) – 7 winners

“Kurando Hizoh Shizukutori Junmai Daiginjo” sake is a rare variety of sake made by collecting only the drops of unprocessed sake as they trickle from bags with fermenting rice mash. It characteristically offers a fragrant scent in addition to a strong, bold flavor and premium sweetness.

This product is also available through “The acme of Japan AIR GIFT JAPAN” gift catalog (https://www.ringbell.co.jp/ringbell/contents/airgift) which brings carefully selected tastes of Japan to Hong Kong. *To be presented upon arrival in Japan

BLUE LABEL CRESTBRIDGE drawstring Bag – 1 winner

A classic small, round bag featuring the brand’s iconic Crestbridge plaid pattern. Its small, round silhouette acts as a styling accent. The drawstring bag with its typical wide opening makes it easy to put in and take out items and is versatile to use with removable straps.
*To be delivered to your home

Paulownia Wood Smartphone Eco Speaker (Suzuki Ishitaro Tansu Store) – 3 winners

This eco-friendly speaker has been designed by the long-established Suzuki Ishitaro Tansu Store, that has been creating Niigata’s Kamo-style paulownia cabinets for over 130 years. Made with the highest quality paulownia wood, usually used in select cabinets, these speakers work without the need of a power source or batteries as this particular high-quality wood acts as a natural amplifier gently resounding the music from your smartphone.
*To be delivered to your home


【共同リリース】解禁間近、インバウンド復興の鍵となる感染症対策を含む 「アジア太平洋エリアへの海外旅行意向調査」を米国・シンガポール・タイで実施

【ニュースリリース】教育訓練にも使える「旅行・観光業向け ハンズオン型SNS担当者育成講座」