Hello Kitty Land Tokyo celebrates its scariest ever Halloween special

Sanrio Puroland has created a daring new Halloween concept drawing on the skills of popular Japanese “horror event” producer Obaken. The limited event will run until the end of October and is aiming to attract both Japanese and international visitors. Already earlier this summer Puroland launched a multilingual SNS to connect more easily with its growing international fan base.


Tokyo, Monday 10th September, 2018 —- Sanrio Puroland, better known as Hello Kitty Land Tokyo (URL: https://en.puroland.jp/), will open its doors with a new and gripping Halloween special. Running from Friday, 14th September until Wednesday, 31st October the limited event will be split into a “kawaii” (cute) day-time and somewhat scary night-time schedule.


With the creative support of professional horror event producer, Obaken, Hello Kitty Land has designed a series of entirely new and exciting experiences.  Thrill-seeking visitors are invited to join the ‘Sanrio Character Boat Ride in the dark’ without anywhere to escape to. (This event has an age limit of 10 years). Obaken is a well-know Japanese producer of highly innovative horror productions including live events.




Following the day-time event parade (15:30 on weekdays, 16:30 at weekends and holidays), ghosts will run to the ‘Ghost Pierrot’s Sneaking Horror House’ where they lurk for visitors who will be given the mission to escape. This year’s special Halloween feature will enable Hello Kitty Land fans and visitors to get more actively involved than ever.


A ‘Halloween Rock Parade’ will be led by changing Sanrio characters with their own bands and battling with the Ghost Pierrot. Of course, guests are encouraged to join in.


As always Hello Kitty Land creates a range of Halloween Puroland limited goods and sales items, i.e. fake tattoo stickers featuring Puroland characters and special Halloween-motifed food menu, to enhance the visitor experience. Popular photo spots will reflect the special Halloween event.


In line with the constantly increasing number of international visitors Sanrio Puroland started multilingual SNS to enable fans all over the world to be more closely connected with their much-loved characters. Via Sanrio´s Facebook account (@purolandjp ), Hello Kitty Land Tokyo enthusiasts can receive detailed information about their favourite characters in six languages, including English, traditional and simplified Chinese, Thai, Indonesian and Korean.  Also Instagram (@puroland_global ) and You Tube (@purolandjp ) are now available in English.

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Ghost Pierrot’s Sneaking Horror House

Sanrio Character Boat Ride

Ghost Pierrot’s Spelled Pasta

MyMelody’s Halloween Naan Curry

Fake Tattoo Sticker



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Sanrio Puroland, operated by Sanrio Entertainment Co. Ltd, is also known as ‘Hello Kitty Land’, a theme park to meet and experience its much-loved Sanrio characters including Hello Kitty which enjoys worldwide popularity. Considered the “Mecca of Sanrio characters”, the park draws great numbers of fans from around the world.

Located in the outer districts of Tokyo, Sanrio Puroland is an indoor theme park, visitors can enjoy regardless of the weather. Sanrio Puroland also runs an outdoor theme park, Harmonyland, located in Oita Prefecture in Kyushu.

More information about Sanrio Puroland is available at http://en.puroland.jp/.


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